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Rainmaking Loft

A great Hacker


The location will be at the Rainmaking Loft
in Charlottenstraße 2
10969 Berlin


Food Delivery

1st Prize

2000€ CASH


Food Delivery

2nd Prize

1000€ CASH


Food Delivery

3rd Prize

500€ CASH



Audience Award


Challenge Awards

Food Delivery

HelloFresh Data Challenge Prize

300€ CASH

Rafael & Linda

HelloFresh API Challenge Prize

300€ CASH


1st Lidl Challenge Prize

1250 € in vouchers for
(250€ per team member)


2nd Lidl Challenge Prize

250 € in vouchers for
(50€ per team member)


Metro Challenge Prize

500€ CASH


API Prizes

Spoonacular API Prize

The winners will get fancy on-ear headphones


Imagga API Prize

6 Months free usage for the Imagga API plan for all teams that use the API
The winner team will get 6 Month of free Pro Usage and a GoPro Hero cam!


Why food?

How much space for innovation lies in food?

How can you create awesome concepts at this hackathon?

Here you will find different ideas for inspiration about how broad the field of the food industry is. There is an unlimted amount of potential to be unlocked during the hackathon!

Food Delivery


Getting fresh food to consumers in the fastest way possible allows us to have the greatest experience in the richness and freshness of what our planet has to offer. Of course, this is a huge challenge for farmers, delivery services and other stakeholders in the food supply chain. Get ready for 7 billion people wanting to have a good diary.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Food Intelligence

No idea what to cook today? But you know how to build deep neural networks? Why don't you build your own recipe generator with deep learning? Go crack the code!

Digital Camera


Wouldn‘t it be great if we knew more about every detail we eat? Starting from the soil our vegetables have grown, to the farming conditions all over to what molecules are actually inside. Wouldn't it be great for us to know what we still have to eat today and what ingredients we should not eat anymore?

Social Network

Social Foodia

Never has humanity been so thankful to get instagram from all friends about their special dinner, which is most of the time some ordinary hamburger or salad. Are you capable of come up with something better than a collective mass-sharing of food pics?

UX/UI Palette


When it comes to designing food, chefs from all over the world come up with the most creative ideas. What if technology helps us create new designs with existing food ressources? Fun fact: there was a project with 3D-printed cookies made from flour worms. A high protein insect delicacy.

Map integration

Restaurant Finding

Could you invent a new way of discovering better places to get better food for less money? Or maybe you could find more personalized ways for our unique taste?



Why do we eat apples from the other side of the globe when they grow on trees outside our city? Please do something, this is ridiculous!

Augmented Reality


Ever touched a screen with in dough dripping fingers, because you needed to see your recipe app? Many people have those and similar problems everyday and our technology is not prepared for this – yet. What if we go much further than just thinking about how to communicate processing steps for preparation, but invent systems and principles for everyday problems which are so simple, every user can understand?

Smart Phone

Your unique idea

I bet you can come up with something so much more innovative than we do! Go ahead and sign up!

Sponsors & Partners


  • Friday

  • 19:00 – Get Together

    Lets have some drinks together at the Rainmaking Loft to form teams and discuss great project ideas. We will give you the chance to pitch your ideas and introduce our challenges and APIs.

  • Saturday

  • 08:30 – Registration and welcome snack

    Can't be 11:00 for reasons. We need to get shit done.

  • 10:00 - Kick-Off

    Relax. The coding start is at 11:30.

  • 10:15 – Keynote

    Nuno Simaria (CTO HelloFresh) talking about the future of food-technologie

  • 11:00 – Challenge and API Workshops

    Want to achieve something? Listen to the API guys and girls.

  • 11:30 – Start coding!

    Most people probably started at 11:00 but thats no problem, its just a number.

  • 13:00 – Lunch time

    Don't read whats for dinner.

  • 19:00 – Dinner

    Cooked Rats. I warned you.

  • 22:00 – Night Coding

    We will provide a chill-out area where you can take a nap!

  • Sunday

  • 08:30 – Breakfast

    Caffeine infusions, sugar, even more sugar and everything you need after an intensive hacking night.

  • 09:00 – Coding Finale

    Submit the stuff before it gets cold.

  • 12:00 – Deadline! and Lunch

    Most of the work happens the 10 minutes before the deadline.

  • 13:00 – Pitches

    Here is the part where your adrenaline is on the highest point. We will provide a persicope Stream here

  • 16:00 – Prize ceremony

    Money rain and stuff.

  • 17:00 – Reception

    Don't forget to exchange numbers with your new friends.


These faces and names will soon be replaced by really cool jury members :)


Michelle Tran

As a food-loving blogger and Head of Data Science at Priori Data, she can tell apart apples from Apples and will get to the core problems of your solutions before you will even know it.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Leich

Having his roots in data management, his research as professor for the Chair of Business Informatics at the Harz University also focuses on measuring and evaluating program understandings. So please check your code for foobar functions and/or foo and bar variables.


Prof. Dr. Tobias Scheffer

He is a professor for Computer Science at the University of Potsdam and specialized in Machine Learning. He will know if your algorithms have only accidentally found a crystal ball or can really predict future behavior.


Nuno Simaria

He is the one who will ask a question you can‘t answer. Describing himself as a geek and being the Chief Officer of Technology at HelloFresh, make sure your scanty answer includes at least terms like salted hash, celery workers or rabbitmq.


Rob Johnson

Before becoming an MD for Techstars, Rob was the cofounder and CEO of Makers Academy in London, growing it into Europe's largest coding bootcamp. He has an MBA and has founded two startups while investing in about a dozen others. He lives in Berlin and enjoys golfing and sailing.


Here you will find useful information about the hackathon.



Do you travel from far away? You will have to stay at a hostel or AirBnB or friend over night.



The Hackathon will start Saturday morning and end Sunday in the afternoon. Until then the location will be opened and accessible for all participants around the clock.

Travel Reimbursement

Travel Costs

If we have enough budget, we will be able to give travel cost reimbursements. If we reach this status, we will inform you.


Team Size

The maximum team size will be 5 people.


Food & Drinks

You will definetly not starve at this event – and of course it will be free for all participants. And the pizza - spaghetti - burger thing... nope. Be prepared!

Human Resources

Sponsors & Partners

Some of our sponsors are interested in new talents from many different professions and we try to create a symbiotic effect from this – who knows, maybe you are interested in jobs in the food industry?